Introducing Vela

The next generation of modular LED lights. Built to fill and made to last.

Optimal Luminosity For All.

Our Vela lights are a range of highly functional downlights and track lights with a distinctive design that fits graciously into interior spaces. For the ideal minimalist whose quest involves seeking a cleaner, curated lighting ambience.

Power Efficient

Environment Friendly

Replaceable Bulbs

Fitted for Interiors

Modern Approach to Designer Lighting

Vela Home Systems

  • Wattage 10 W
  • Correlated Colour
  • CRI 90
  • Lumens 850 lm
  • Lumen per Watt 85 lm/W
  • Manufactured in Singapore

Range between 1500k to 8000k

Available in black and white

Free Delivery with $80 Spend

Enjoy a free delivery right up to your doorstep whenever you shop with us at the Lumi Store. 

Customers Who Bought Vela

"It's very convenient when it comes to choosing the right lights. Vela Lights provide consumers like us a wide range of choice and flexibility in customising the outlook of our private spaces. I'd highly recommend purchasing them as a set for the best value."
Annabelle Wong
Homeowner, North
"The Vela series is a great all-rounder for new homeowners. During renovations we bought a package of Vela lights for the whole house, and the guys at LUMI were professional and knowledgeable during installation."
Song Jiahao
Homeowner, Tampines
"One thing I can't stress enough is the consistency of lighting quality - as a designer myself I believe LUMI has made it a mission to ensure the best quality for all their lights. I bought a few MR16 LEDs and they've been problem-free for the past 2 years."
Homeowner, Jurong

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