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  • LED Icicle Light Connectable

    $38.90 Inc. GST

    The LED Icicle Light comes with three different patterns loop, and has 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm length in sequence for a total of 86 LEDs. The transparent cable gives a crystal-like effect.

  • Nova Air Purifier

    $108.00 Inc. GST

    The Nova Air Purifier combines Violeds UV LED at a wavelength of 365nm, Viophoton technology, and activated carbon filters to kill bacteria and other germs in the air. The Nova Air Purifier’s low energy consumption of only 4.5W makes this filter economically viable to keep on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! It is also environmentally friendly with minimum ecological impact and zero carbon footprint.

  • MR16 LED Track Light Fixture

    $16.00 Inc. GST

    Track Light Fixture for MR16 Bulb

  • 100 LED Christmas Tree Decorative Lights Connectable

    $29.90 $23.92 Inc. GST

    A string of novelty, decorative fairy lights (100 LEDs). Each string of lights comes with eight different special effects modes to brighten any occasion. All you have to do is select the desired mode via the controller. These extendable, connectable lights can be extended up to five lighting sets in series.

  • Surface-mounted LED Ceiling Light (12cm)

    $38.00 Inc. GST

    An 8W External Ceiling Downlight. Circular with a frosted cover.

  • MR16 LED Downlight Fixture (3 inch)

    $18.00 Inc. GST

    Downlight Fixture with MR16 LED light bulb

  • Round LED Downlight (6 inch)

    $33.90 Inc. GST

    This clean and simple downlight will give your space a chic look while providing quality, long-lasting light.

  • Straight LED track

    $12.00 Inc. GST

    A staple of the ever popular track lights. This standard straight track is needed as long as you want to have track lights in your home or workplace.

  • PAR30 LED Track Light Fixture

    $16.00 Inc. GST

    Track Light Fixture for PAR30 bulb

  • A19 LED Bulb

    $12.90 Inc. GST

    The A19 bulb is the basic household bulb, providing ambient light in your home or office. With an E27 base, this is also known as a screw cap bulb.

  • PAR30 LED Spot

    $39.90 Inc. GST

    The PAR30 bulb gives you big, spotlight-type lighting, ideal for highlighting any part of the room. This bulb works best with our PAR30 Track Light—perfect for not only shops and galleries, but also your home.

  • PAR38 LED Spot

    $56.90 Inc. GST

    The PAR38 bulb gives you even bigger spotlight-type lighting. Helping you to highlight any part of or item in the room—a painting, a sculpture, or that 1500 AD Ming Dynasty vase—the highlighted object will definitely stand out.

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