Refunds, Returns and Cancellation Policy

Payment for Goods and Services

Please ensure that you have read through our Frequently Asked Questions before placing your order.

Lumi shall bear no responsibility in the event a customer has neglected to agree to the terms and conditions stated and therefore encounters difficulties throughout the procurement of their order.

Please bear the following guidelines in mind while shopping with us. We hope to help make your shopping experience as seamless and efficient as possible!

  • Only payment by Paypal and Credit Cards is accepted for tracking and order confirmation purposes
  • Payment must be made within 24 hours of your order, or your order will be voided
  • Please bear in mind that orders that go unpaid will remain unprocessed in the system. Lumi staff are under no obligation to make contact with customers who do not make payments timely, therein resulting in delays in the fulfillments of their orders.

Only paid orders will be processed and scheduled for deliveries. We regret that delivery slots cannot be reserved and must be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Order Processing, Late Payments and Penalties

Orders shall be processed each working day at 9AM. Orders unpaid for at this time will not be processed until the subsequent working day, provided payment has been made.Lumi may not be held responsible for delays in the delivery and final fulfilment of your order in such a scenario.

Payment must be made strictly prior to delivery. Lumi reserves the right not to process or handover your order if payment has not been made.

Customers are liable to pay a $10 redelivery charge in the event goods have to be sent a second time, due to the absence of the receiver, or non-payment of the order on the buyer’s part.

In the event an exception is made, and goods are delivered without payment received, the customer is expected to make payment within 7 working days or a late payment fee of 3% on your order total will be charged per day, indefinitely, until payment has been received.

Refunds and Returns

All products sold are non-refundable. It is the duty of the customer to ensure that all items are received correctly and in acceptable condition. We regret that upon acceptance of their order, liability falls solely to the customer, and no refunds or exchanges will be entertained, and it is deemed that the order has been duly fulfilled. may entertain exchange requests if the purchased products are damaged or defective upon checks by the customer at the point of delivery. Complaints/enquiries must be made directly with management via phone or email, and no refunds may be demanded, nor returns made at the point of delivery. Any enquiries pertaining to such a nature should be received by Lumi management no longer than 3 days after the items have been received by the customer. In the event an item is damaged or defective, Lumi is able to facilitate the exchange in three ways:

  • The customer may choose to bring the item down to our office to facilitate the exchange personally
  • A deliveryman may be dispatched to facilitate the exchange on the customer’s next order above $59 (excluding the price of the purchased item for exchange)
  • A deliveryman may be dispatched to facilitate the exchange at the customer’s expense ($10 per trip)

Please assist us in providing clear descriptions and photographs of the defects. Customers who have been approved to proceed with their exchanges will need to arrange for an appropriate time and day within our opening hours to bring the defective item to the Lumi office.

Items intended to be returned or exchanged should be in their original packaging and condition as it was received, alongside a copy of the original payment invoice.

All returns, exchanges and refunds are void on the above-listed items and must be paid for regardless. Lumi reserves all rights in the event of disputes. This list may be updated accordingly without prior notice to the customer.

Order Cancellations

You may cancel your order within 24 hours upon order confirmation; “confirmation” being once we receive your order in the system.

To cancel your order, please send an email to [email protected], clearly stating your order number, personal details, contact number, and the reason for cancelling. Our staff will respond to you regarding your order status. This must be done within 24 hours of your order (24 hours begins from the time your order is captured in our system), or before your order is processed by us. If you choose to cancel goods on order after the stipulated time frame, there will be a handling fee incurred; 20% on the amount involved and you are liable to incur any delivery charges.

Orders unpaid for within 24 hours are deemed terminated within our system. Please ensure that you abide by the stipulated payment time frame in order for a smooth transaction on our site.