LED Bulb

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  • A19 LED Bulb

    $12.90 Inc. GST

    The A19 bulb is the basic household bulb, providing ambient light in your home or office. With an E27 base, this is also known as a screw cap bulb.

  • PAR30 LED Spot

    $39.90 Inc. GST

    The PAR30 bulb gives you big, spotlight-type lighting, ideal for highlighting any part of the room. This bulb works best with our PAR30 Track Light—perfect for not only shops and galleries, but also your home.

  • PAR38 LED Spot

    $56.90 Inc. GST

    The PAR38 bulb gives you even bigger spotlight-type lighting. Helping you to highlight any part of or item in the room—a painting, a sculpture, or that 1500 AD Ming Dynasty vase—the highlighted object will definitely stand out.

  • MR16 LED Spot

    $16.90 Inc. GST

    The MR16 GU10 Spotlight is the go-to bulb for most track lights and wall washer fixtures. This bulb provides spot lighting to help accentuate different parts of the room.

  • LED T8 Tube

    $29.90 Inc. GST

    T8 tubes are the usual suspects for office or factory lights. Bright, standard, easy to use. An added bonus is that with minor modifications, these can be adapted for use in existing T8 fluorescent fittings. Also, our T8 Tube consumes only about 25% of the energy that a fluorescent T8 tube would! What does this mean? Lower operating costs, of course, with our T8 Tubes!

  • LED T5 Tube

    $19.90 Inc. GST

    If you don’t have T8 housing, or if the space you want lit up is too small for a T8 tube, the T5 Tube is for you. Smaller and much more versatile in installation than its T8 sibling, this is simple to use and suitable for many applications.