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Brighter experiences through subtle enhancements.

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Designed to compliment the silhouettes of every corner and space, Orion lights are linked using highly-protective wiring coils that provide solid protection while retaining the crisp of built-in lights that make for effortless viewing.

Extendable Series

Power Saving

Mood Enhancement

Outdoor Safe

Value Adding Existing Homes

Orion Light Systems

  • Wattage 10 W
  • Correlated Colour
  • CRI 90
  • Lumens 850 lm
  • Lumen per Watt 85 lm/W
  • Manufactured in Singapore

Range between 1500k to 8000k

Available in black and white

Free Delivery with $80 Spend

Enjoy a free delivery right up to your doorstep whenever you shop with us at the Lumi Store. 

Every Homeowner's Choice

"Orion offers great variety in the size and length of the LED strip lights. They're a perfect combination for my vanity table whenever it comes to prepping for work, or doing a makeup product unboxing video."
Annabelle Wong
Homeowner, North
"I purchased a series of Orion lights to enhance the study room as I work late at night. The colour profiles of these LED strips are really consistent, and I never have to worry about quality."
Song Jiahao
Homeowner, Tampines
"They're very sturdy for the price. I've moved away from Taobao lights to LUMI ever since I noticed a lot of spoilage in cheap lights. The Orion series is really durable, and they even offer a lifetime warranty since my purchase."
Homeowner, Jurong

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