Our Story

Created with great attention to detail, and with efficacy and energy-efficiency in mind. We’re an inhouse solutions team inspired by sustainable innovation and clever design.

Meticulous in passion

We aspire to be the one stop solution for all your curated spaces. Exploring widely to source only the best systems with the highest proven record of durability. It’s what we take pride in being; the reliable choice.

Our heritage as designers let us curate and mass adopt environmental solutions that they are easy to install and reliable, and we discovered this caters best alongside a new generation of families.

We believe that many aspects of a sustainable future begins with energy savings. We’ve spent years nurturing good relationships with our retailers and vendors alike. It is the process which has enabled us to achieve many remarkable feats – from overall reduction of carbon footprints up to huge savings across the board. When it comes to product offering, we never compromise on safety and quality for the sake of cost. 

Together, let’s take that step forward in embracing an energy secure future – one LUMI product at a time.


Our green approach to products


The most long-lasting materials sourced inhouse, that allows us to reduce wastage.


We're in the business of making products that benefit every single household.


Products using regenerative practices to produce lesser carbon footprints.


Built for all types of environments, from personal spaces to business rooms.

Inspire Brighter Ideas

Browse our select series of fully-functional lights. We source, design and manufacture all our lighting products to ensure the best quality.

Orion Series


Vela Series

Packed for Function

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