Here at Lumi, we strive to create high-quality lighting products that are not only long-lasting but safe for you and your family. We keep in line with our core values while holding true to our roots and heritage.

Our products are thoughtfully designed to ensure that they are user-friendly and reliable. Fuss-free and easy to install, we aim to cater to the younger generation and young families who might be unfamiliar with the technicalities of electrical lighting products through our simple installation process or with the help of our on-site installation services.

We understand that affordability is a concern for many consumers and we work hard to provide a balance of price without compromising on safety and quality. We not only optimise our value chain but we are also able to maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and retailers thus we are able to pass the cost savings to our customers.

As we have more control over our supply chain compared to most of our competitors, we are also able to ensure that our business in sustainable to the environment. While definitely more can be done to further cut down on our energy consumption, we have taken considerable steps to improve our carbon footprint one step at a time for a more sustainable future.

Our Mission

To offer innovative, technologically advanced products and services to our customers worldwide as a viable high technology provider.


To be the leading high technology provider, trusted by customers, employees, society and other stakeholders.


Integrity, Unity, Diligence, Customer Driven and Innovation.